About Us

Hosting financial advisor events isn’t just part of our business, it is our business. Our entire team focuses on managing meetings. We understand your time is valuable, so strive to make every meeting valuable.


Rekon Intelligence

Since 2010, Rekon has hosted 800+ events for 22,000+ financial advisors. We've gained unique insight and experience about what advisors want. You can trust Rekon to manage events that deliver timely and relevant topics in an engaging environment.


Our innovative culture combined with a continuous learning mandate drives everyone to find a better way. We’re an event management company that focuses on process and leverages technology so you can spend more time meeting with clients and prospects.


We’ve learned that content, convenience, and credibility brings attendees to meetings. And we understand that efficiency and integrity attracts partners and speakers. Together Rekon creates a win-win environment for everyone. Attendees learn ways to further their goals, and partners have peace of mind knowing Rekon is handling all of the details.

Rekon Intelligence

210-3 Avondale Ave

Wilmington, NC 28403


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